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Case Name:
  R. v. Bell

Her Majesty the Queen, Respondent, and
Andrew Bell, Appellant

[2006] O.J. No. 3396
Court File Nos. C45252 and M84088

Ontario Court of Appeal
Toronto, Ontario
S.E. Lang J.A.

August 18, 2006.
(3 paras.)


No counsel mentioned.

 1      S.E. LANG J.A.:� THIS MOTION for the removal of the solicitor of Record of the Appellant was heard on August 18, 2006, at 130 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, in the presence of counsel for the Appellant and the Respondent.

 2      ON READING the Motion Record of Counsel for the Appellant and on hearing the submissions of Counsel for the Appellant and Counsel for the Respondent:

 3      1. THIS COURT ORDERS that Selwyn Pieters is removed as Counsel of Record for the Appellant, Andrew Bell.

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